From an OSM Way to a Highway Shield


Arielle Simmons-Steffen and Matt Kenny 30min

Tableau Software
This talk was transcribed.

Since 2010 (Tableau 5.2), Tableau Software has been using OpenStreetMap data to help generate the data served in their visual basemap product. In its most current iteration, the Tableau basemap utilizes MapServer – an Open Source platform – for generating the tiles that over 100,000 users utilize every day for viewing their spatial data.

In this talk, Tableau employees explain how they export and process OpenStreetMap ‘highway=*’ data into a global road shield set used for visual display. Working with open-source tools such as PostGIS and the python libraries Fiona and Shapely, we created a global product that was both visually captivating and reproducible. Credited Tableau Employees : Ian Erickson, Roger Andre, Matt Kenny, Arielle Simmons-Steffen, Vanya Tucherov, Ryan Whitley