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ImproveOSM: Using Big Data To Improve The Map


Brian Lau 30min

This talk was transcribed.

Drivers using the OpenStreetMap based Scout applications generate a continuous stream of location information. Liquid gold as it turns out! Using sophisticated matching and generalization techniques, Telenav’s OpenStreetMap engineers create something beautiful out of those billions of raw data points. We call it ImproveOSM. A suite of tools that give mappers small but satisfying mapping tasks for contributing to OpenStreetMap in a meaningful way. Since we launched, more than 20 thousand missing roads were added, almost 10 thousand one-way streets were corrected, as well as hundreds of turn restrictions.

What you have seen thus far is merely the beginning of ImproveOSM. In this talk, we will also talk about the ever increasing awesomeness of ImproveOSM. Expect to learn about the collaborations we are starting to gather more - way more - GPS data to vastly increase the number of improvements ImproveOSM can offer, but also about our continuing mission to make the ImproveOSM editing experience much better, for example with iD integration.

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