Lightning talks

Global Open Sidewalks in OSM

by Jess Hamilton and Tom Disley

Digital maps have transformed how most of us navigate around cities, but maps largely ignore sidewalks. This is a problem, particularly for travelers and people with mobility or visual impairment....

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Elevating data through groundwork

by Aaron Young

OSM data is continually improving, but it hasn’t yet reached its maximum potential for utility in many developing countries.  Our groundwork in more than 30 countries during the past year...

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Women Mapping In Zambia

by Namitala Gertrude

OpenStreetMap Zambia started in 2015. One of the first activities, was developing a concept to train women with the intention of mapping map health facilities that are of importance to...

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The State of Armchair Mapping

by Toby Murray

A quick overview that might be helpful to newer users about external data sources that OpenStreetMap has access to. Some users may not be aware that the major OSM editor...

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Building a trail catalog with OSM

by Roman Pohorecki

Imagine you are traveling to a foreign country and you’d like to find a trail to hike. Or it’s a sunny weekend and you want to find a mountain biking...

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Rail USA: Infrastructure and Train Routes

by Steve All

In late 2014, OpenRailWayMap in the USA displayed a few tentacles originating from Kansas City and most TIGER rail data had problems. Now the USA has an early rail infrastructure...

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Building OSM in a Geospatially-Underdeveloped City: Batch Uploading Miami's Building Footprints

by Matthew Toro

Among the OSM communities throughout United States, that of greater Miami is relatively small and underdeveloped. Miami’s own OSM data availability is comparatively sparse. Nevertheless, the open data effort is...

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Give your tile life

by Hanbyul Jo

Vector tiles brought whole new possibility of digital fabrication with the map. I have been experimenting 3D prints with vector tiles(https://hanbyul-here.github.io/tile-exporter), SVG exports of the tiles. (https://github.com/hanbyul-here/svg-exporter-cli) . I’d love...

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Representing streets in OpenStreetMap with curblines

by Lou Huang

My talk is about representing streets in OpenStreetMap with curblines instead of centerlines at higher zoom levels.

At lower zoom levels, street centerlines provide an overview of the connectivity and...

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Training Red Cross volunteers to use OSM and Field Papers

by Emmor Nile

In 2015, Emmor spent time in Tanzania as a volunteer trainer for the Missing Maps program. He will show how he trained Red Cross volunteers to use OpenStreetMap and Field...

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Generate data using gamification

by Daniel Tello

Mexico City’s most popular mode of public transportation is a fleet of 30,000 minibuses that make around 14 million trips every day. Due to the scale and dynamism of the...

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