Millions that don't care


Ilya Zverev 30min

This talk was transcribed.

Why are Google Maps so successful? Why do we still not have more than a million contributors? Are Missing Maps events the only way to attract large numbers of editors?

We at MAPS.ME are bringing OpenStreetMap to a vast new group of people who simply need a map, and much like major proprietary apps, MAPS.ME gives them that. MAPS.ME is the most popular OpenStreetMap mapping application, and this year we decided to bring our users closer to the map they are using. We integrated an editor into the app, so anyone can register and immediately fix the map.

In this talk I will show how it affected OpenStreetMap, why it turned out to be different than expected, how much the community had to clean up after these users, and what obstacles we encountered while making an editor for the masses.