Alex Ilisei, Martijn van Exel 30min

This talk was transcribed.

Here at State of the Map US, we are launching OpenStreetView, the open platform for street level images that is designed 100% with OpenStreetMap in mind. OpenStreetView (OSV) makes it easy to collect meaningful information about the roads you drive, walk or bike on with open source apps for Android and iOS. But it doesn’t stop there. OSV offers an editing tool that integrates tightly with JOSM to create a supercharged workflow for adding lanes, speed limits, turn restrictions, improved way geometry and more to OpenStreetMap.

OSV has been operating in private beta for a few months now with a small but very dedicated community submitting more than 1 million images covering more than 30 thousand kilometers of roads already. We are excited to show you what OpenStreetView can do for OpenStreetMap and put the tools to do it in the hands of the OSM community.

Project web site: http://www.openstreetview.com/