OpenStreetMap US by the Numbers, for the Community


Mikel Maron 30min

This talk was transcribed.

This talk will share the latest analysis report on editing activity in OpenStreetMap US. We’ll cover new developments in scalable analysis architecture with osmlint and OSM QA Tiles, and look at where we as a community want to apply this analysis to our top questions and needs, like:

How can local communities reach out to new mappers, newly hooked on OpenStreetMap? How do we learn about and draw inspiration from communities doing entirely new kinds of mapping projects? Where do long time, but inactive, mappers find exciting new activities in their neighborhood?

Activity in OpenStreetMap has a lot to reveal, when analyzed in the right place. It needs to be easy to ask questions, on an ongoing basis, at national and local scales. Numbers should be linked to our knowledge of community activity, and help drive and measure our community engagement. To answer these question and others in the future, we’ll look at the numbers.