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TrackYourCity - Mapping public transport from scratch

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Uli Strötz 30min

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TrackYourCity is a worldwide initiative that empowers citizens to create data in mobility and public transport where there is none. It is the first step to solve the transport issues of the 21st century. The project helps people dedicated to take action to map the public transport in their city by using OpenStreetMap as a platform.

The session, divided in its two strengths; community building and civic innovation by using OpenStreetMap as a platform, will provide an overview of our protocol and strategies.

First, the session explains the grassroots approach to create and foster a growing community through community capacity building, along with our partner Humanitarian OpenStreetMap. We empower the community to become civic innovators by contributing to OpenStreetMap.

Second, we showcase the process, tutorials, and tools to digitize a public transport system of a city in OpenStreetMap. Here we hope to also get feedback by the OpenStreetMap community about our approach.

Towards the end we give a quick outlook what kind of innovations can be created with the sourced data and how this can improve cities based on the pilot project of Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) and the ally app.